About Michael S. Mleczko, R.Ph.

Michael attended Wayne State University College of Pharmacy and graduated with honors in 1990.

Throughout his 21 years of practicing pharmacy, he has gained extensive experience in long-term care (nursing home/foster care home) pharmacy, retail clinical pharmacy, hospice and palliative care, and durable medical equipment.

In 1999 Michael joined Option Care of Southeast Michigan where he gained experiance in the practice setting of home IV infusion therapies.

Michael developed a growing interest in compounding medications, a highly-specialized “niche” practice of pharmacy, and subsequently completed the compounding curriculum at Professional Compounding Centers of America in Houston, Texas.

In 2002, Advanced Care Compounding Solutions of Southeast Michigan was established in Shelby Township, Michigan. Michael has since assumed ownership of the company, renamed Compounding Solutions.

He has realized his vision of operating a well respected and highly trusted compounding pharmacy utilized by physician, hospitals and other healthcare establishments.

Michael S. Mleczko, R.Ph. has a true passion for this topic and loves to help men and women feel their best with Bio-identical HRT.

Michael has developed strong relationships with the practitioners in his area who specialize in Bio-identical HRT but also work well with prescribers who are are not quite versed in the subject matter.

Michael S. Mleczko has had experience compounding hormone preparations for 17 years. He continues to educate himself to stay current on trends in this field.

Michael’s passion and professional purpose is to help all his patients attain and maintain optimal health and quality of life through compounded medications, nutritional support, and healthcare information.

At Compounding Solutions Pharmacy, our licensed pharmacists will work with you and your doctor to determine the best medical approach to your particular situation.

We specialize in Pain Management and Bio-Identical Hormones.

We provide customized medications, and offer solutions with alternative medicine & holistic approach. We also offer low competitive pricing on standard medications.